Retro Gaming SNES Controller



Retro Like A Pro


Those of you who own an Arnu Mach 10 64Bit can now play retro games on your box!!!!!

This is an old style Super Nintendo Controller for playing games on the Super Nintendo and Pre Super Nintendo Consoles. 


Bring the nostalgia back to your life. 

Be Olde Skool!!!


Have hours of fun playing all the classic console games you played as a kid. 


Please be aware that the Super Nintendo was released before the N64 so doesn’t have all the buttons that an N64 controller or later Consoles would have. 


This means that it will not have full functionality of console controllers newer than the Super Nintendo so will be limited for the newer consoles but it’s all about proper retro, so it does exactly what it should for the era it was designed for such as  

Super Nintendo 

Nintendo Entertainment System

Sega Mastersystem


Game Boy

Game Boy Color


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