There has been lots of News about boxes in the media recently.

Let us reassure you that it is in no way illegal to own one of our boxes.

Due to the nature of our product range, primarily our home and personal computing systems, we are not responsible for the content accessed via this device and neither do we condone piracy. Please ensure that you satisfy yourself that either you or the sites or applications you access have the relevant copyright agreements in place and you are indeed legally entitled to access any content you choose to.

JarvisBox takes no responsibility for the use of any of our products once they are dispatched.

This legal notice distances JarvisBox from any potentially illegal activities associated with the devices we provide. We sell these devices as mobile and home pc systems to provide you the function of accessing media content that you own or have consent to use.

Our website content may specify access to movies, sporting and tv show content, this is accessible via authorised and regulated applications such as Netflix, FilmOn, Sky Mobile, WWE Network, UFC Fight Pass, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video and many, many more. We would suggest to our customers that if there is anything you are uncertain of regarding copyright infringement to visit the FACT website which is The Federation Against Copyright Theft.

We are not held responsible for any content accessed on any of our units once they have been purchased.

We strongly recommend, and only promote, accessing content you are legally entitled to via the relevant ownership or leased agreements.

We would like to reiterate once again to customers, that streaming copyrighted movies, TV Shows, live sports, downloading music and essentially file sharing in general may be deemed illegal on your locale.

JarvisBox does not condone any of the above activities and would strongly advise any and all of our customers to abide by the legal framework and legislation in their geographical location.

Ultimately, any websites or applications accessed on any unit once leaves our depot is at the customer’s sole discretion.