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A high percentage of our sales come from existing customers who recommend our products to friends, family and work colleagues and we are sincerely grateful for that.

As of today we are implementing an Affiliate Program so that the people who recommend our store to others can now make it worth their while.

If you register an account on our website you can obtain a link that is exclusive to you. Send this link to everyone you know and if/when they make a purchase using your link then you receive store credit of 8% of the value of the products they ordered.

Keep referring people via your exclusive link and before you know it you could have enough credit to cover a new Deluxe Remote, a Box or even Multiple Boxes.

There's no limit to the amount of credit you can build up so keep sharing your link, get it out on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or by any other means open to you. Login to your account at any time to check the balance on your store credit so you know how you're doing and when you can start spending it.

And guess what? you don't even need to be an existing customer to get an exclusive Affiliate Link!!! Anyone can create an account!!!

So create your account today and join our Affiliate Program.

Create your account now by visiting our home page WWW.JarvisBox.Com