What is Cloudword???

Cloudword is a system that is Exclusive to Our Boxes.

What it basically does is it allows us to create a code (Cloudword) that will install something on to your box.

So. For example.

3 months after you've got your box a new addon (app) comes out.

You want to get this addon and rather than having to find out how to get it and then manually installing it, we can make a Cloudword that will install the addon when you type that Cloudword code into your box.

Also if you're having issues with an addon, running its Cloudword will reinstall it which can sometimes fix it's issues.

Cloudwords can install:
A single addon
A group of addons
A tweak to settings of the box or addons
A full set of addons including shortcuts and all settings etc (Full configuration)

Basically it means that you can still get new addons really easily long after you've purchased your box, but also if you mess up your box, you can simply wipe the box and then we can provide a Cloudword to install a full (up to date) set of addons with all shortcuts and settings so that basically your box is returned to the day you got it and is bug free and ready to amaze you again.

No other company can offer a service as easy as that!!!

No other boxes have this capability and it's one of the things that make our boxes the easiest to use and maintain for a longer period of time.

So where do I get Cloudwords?
You'll find a list of Cloudwords on our help website www.JarvisBoxHelp.Com

You'll find random posts about new Cloudwords in our JarvisBox Owners Favebook page.

You'll also sometimes find Cloudwords in the RSS feed that scrolls across the main screen of your box.

Cloudword is a feature that we exclusively own and that all other box companies wish they had.


Here's a video of how it works:


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