Couldn't we sell cheaper boxes???

We get asked this question ocassionally. 
The answer is Yes we COULD. 
We could start purchasing cheap android boxes from China and sell them off really cheaply in huge numbers, behaving like unambitious fly by night operations. 
We could get poor quality boxes and inviset nothing in service, research, development, exclusive features, ease of operation, Quality of product, Quality of Firmware. 
We could do the opposite. 
We can can work hard in our
Californian base to invest heavily in:
Quality of Product, Exclusive ever evolving Linux Firmware, Exclusive Features such as Cloudword Installer, Constant Improvement in Ease of Use, Total Reliability, Product Life Longevity, Unrivalled Ongoing Customer Support......Maintaining Our Position as The World's Best Performing, Easiet To Use and Longest Lasting Media Players. 
If you love the very latest and best technology, If you want the best performance, if quality and reliability matters to you then we are the company you need. 
If you're on a really tight budget and can't yet afford this calibre of product then maybe we're not yet the company for you, but be warned that a huge number of our customers wasted money on the budget alternatives and had nothing but heartache until they chose more wisely. 
Buy cheap, Pay twice. 
On Facebook search "JarvisBox" and read our customer reviews.
You'll soon realise we just will not be beaten at what we do and we're committed to constant improvements. 
In summay, some people buy 10 year old Skodas and some people buy brand new BMWs. 
Our competitors are in a race to the bottom while we're constantly increasing our lead at the top. 
Only you can decide which
company suits your lifestyle. 

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