ARNU Mach 10 64BIT Pure Linux

We've been selling the world's best media box for a long time and just when everyone thought it couldn't get any better.....


We'll soon be taking Pre-Orders on the next installment of the Mach 10 Pure Linux. 


The Mach 10 64BIT Pure Linux is a step up to an even better media box experience. 

All the features of the Best Selling Mach 10 but add to that:

64 Bit Processing!!!

4K UHD at 60hz!!!

Gigabit Ethernet Connection!!!


This is one serious piece of Technology and our Exclusive Pure Linux Firmware makes this box a No Brainer for those who want the best of the best. 


We're literally so close to launching our Pre-Order facility!!!!


Mail us for more info and to register your interest. 

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