Why are our boxes superior to Android?

We sell the only Quad core box in the world that runs a pure Linux operating system and its made exclusively for us by the worlds best Linux developers, Cronic Corey and Josh 5.

Here's more on why it is far superior to Android

Android operating system is a heavier operating system. It also has a lot of other apps installed like Facebook, Twitter, email, file browsers, angry birds etc etc. 

Linux replaces android completely and removes all those excessive apps.
On an android box those extra apps all use up system resources including Ram. They also access the Internet in the background so they slow down the box and they slow down the Internet

These apps sound good but in fact are pretty useless on a TV screen.  

Our boxes are extremely fast. Aided by the fact that it has double the free ram and a much lighter, more user friendly interface than an android box.


We also have Over The Air Frinware Updates which make our boxes far more future proof than an Android box.


Cloudword is a revolution and is completely exclusive to us. It allows you install Addons or complete sets of Addons with a single code which makes it so much easier than any box on the market   

For more details on what Cloudword is and how it will make your life so so so much easier click:



So, if you want to play angry birds on your TV or reply to emails and Facebook posts then android is the way to go, but it will prove awkward to do those things with a TV style remote.

If you want speed, reliability, ease of use in watching the latest and greatest movies, TV shows and sports then our boxes are for you.


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