Do I need to setup anything myself?

This is quite possibly the most common question we get asked here at JarvisBox.


when you buy a box from use you get absolutely everything you need to just plug in and go. 

We take care of the entire setup of your box, all you have to do is plug it in and connect it to your internet. Everything else has been prepared by us and you simply click the remote to get going. 


No other company sells a box as high spec and as fast as ours but nobody else provides a box that's as easy to setup and use straight from the box. 


So what about in the future?

This is where our boxes really make life easy. Because of our exclusive Cloudword application you can easily install new features for your box when they are available. This feature is the envy of all our competitors and really sets us apart as the leaders in making life easy.


So whether you're a tech expert or particularly if you are not very tech savy then our boxes are the boxes for you.


The future is here. It's time to embrace the new way of home entertainment and we make it far easier for you than anybody else makes it.


Far too many of our customers have made poor decisions previously and have bought inferior, cheaply made, cumbersome android boxes from   "a guy on Facebook".

Don't waste time and money with these guys. Buy from the professionals. Buy from JarvisBox.


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