Reviews you won't find anywhere else.

Customers opinions are by far the most important thing to us. 

We want all of our customers to be ecstatically happy with the boxes they purchase from JarvisBox. 

We know that previous customer experiences are also important to potential customers. 

Take a look at our Facebook page and the reviews left there by customers. Feel free to comment on any review to seek further clarification.



While you're on Facebook why not visit the pages of some of the other companies who sell streaming boxes. 

What you'll find is far inferior customer reviews. You'll also find that lots of them don't have any reviews!!! This is because once a review is left there's nothing you can do to hide them. So rather than let pigtail cistkners see the dissatisfied comments they remove the reviews feature completely. 


Me we know you may not big from us but whoever you chose, you should avoid any company with no reviews. 

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